Terminator Cleaning Products

Terminator Cleaning Products

Green Bay, Wisconsin


Terminator Cleaning Products is a new, commercial, heavy-duty cleaning wipe system featuring re-usable buckets and rugged paper towel.  When Terminator required a new brand, they came to Trinamic Digital for design services that would provide a stand-out attractive look, match industry expectations and be a platform upon which Terminator can grow into a player in the commercial cleaning product industry.  Trinamic Digital conducted some studies on commercial and 'heavy duty' brands in order to incept the mark and logo for the now Terminator brand and then was able to create branding guidelines for Terminator to follow into the future.


After creating the logo, product packaging was the next objective for Terminator to complete.  In particular, the Terminator re-usable buckets have special product labels that have a unique look and functionalities to match the Terminator brand.  Some unique features of the bucket label design are the product disclosure call outs and chemical name functionalities on the label that are both designed into the label in a creative way.  Next, aside from the bucket labels, Terminator also required some box packaging design services that Trinamic Digital was able to quickly provide.  With a quick turnaround and the ability to see the long-term game plan of Terminator when creating their brand, Trinamic Digital has successfully created a new brand that Terminator can grow with into the future no matter what their circumstances.

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