Sara's Artisan Gelato

Sara's Artisan Gelato

Green Bay, Wisconsin



Sara's Artisan Gelato is a specialty producer of fine Italian Gelato based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Sara's Artisan Gelato required a logo and brand guidelines that could be used far into the future for both print and digital media.

The logo itself is a perfect representation of the Sara's Artisan Gelato brand and has multiple renditions for the various color medias upon which it may be used.  With a new website on the way, an already booming social media following and some future product packaging, Sara's Artisan Gelato can use the logo and brand created by Trinamic Digital for all of these purposes and more!


Along with the Sara's Artisan Gelato brand, Trinamic Digital also created a custom-designed website featuring some very cool aesthetic design features to further establish the Sara's Artisan Gelato brand and highlight their delicious products.  In addition, with Google Maps, contact forms, a direct Instagram feed and more on the Sara's Artisan Gelato website, their customers can always get in touch and follow what their company is doing.  

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