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Norco, CA, USA

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QCP is an industry leader in custom designed precast concrete furniture production and design and when it came to their website, they required a tool that would showcase their design style while still providing functional drawings and documents to designers or architects wishing to use their furniture in a particular installation.

The website was pre-existing and built on Concrete5, the most user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) for any-sized business trying to maintain a popular website.  However, since taking on work for QCP, Trinamic Digital has completed MANY feature additions and enhancements to the QCP website in an effort to take it from good to great!

View the website for yourself if you would like to see the QCP website and it's cool features live in-action.

Deeper Dive

QCP has some exceptional website requirements, read a brief summary of some unique capabilities we were able to offer to their website and team:

News/Events Blog

This dynamic page loads directly from the Concrete5 website sitemap so that when users create new blog postings they will automatically populate across the QCP website and in the 'news/events' pages.

See: http://qcp-corp.com/news-events/qcp-designed-and-made-California

Product Renderings

This functionality allows QCP to upload and create color-variation renderings of their many products so that users can view products in their color of choice.

See: http://www.qcp-corp.com/standard-products/seating

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