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NOS Parts Ltd.

Waxahatchie, Texas

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NOS Parts Ltd. is one of the leading resellers of New Old Stock Ford parts for Ford and Lincoln – Mercury cars and trucks. With the makes of these vehicles dating back to the 1940’s, NOS Parts has approximately 360,000 products that they need to manage and sell.  An efficient e-commerce website tailored to their diverse set of customers and wide-range of products was an absolute necessity.  Trinamic Digital was able to deliver a WooCommerce powered online store and help NOS Parts modernize their user's website experience.

Deeper Dive

In addition to using WooCommerce to power a massive online store, Trinamic Digital combined a custom Wordpress theme with some handy Wordpress plugins to make managing and searching through the NOS parts website easier for users and administrators.  Some cool features include:

  • Easy upload of product information from a simple CSV file for new products or updating existing products
  • ‘Make’, ‘Mode’, ‘Year’ product attributes  and search functionality so that users can more easily find parts for their given vehicle
  • Inventory management functionality that allows administrators  to update and manage inventory for any given part and stock location

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